Campaign management


Believing that the vital missing ingredient in the delivery of otherwise successful direct marketing campaigns was the “hands on” approach, it has always been the primary purpose of Bullseye to work closely with clients as an extension of their own business and follow through at every stage of the production process to ensure the greatest level of integrity.
Thus Bullseye Direct was born. Bullseye is an extension of your business working with your staff to achieve the outcomes you require. We can create campaigns working from the client premises, providing a seamless and thoroughly effective service to the client.
It is in recognising who our client is that is the greatest strength of Bullseye. In any campaign the client who engages our services is vitally important in delivering outcomes, however more importantly it is in recognising that it is our client’s customers for whom we are employed to communicate with via Direct Marketing who are most important in the process we undertake, thus ensuring we deliver relevant and concise direct marketing communication campaigns on time, in full and 100% on target.
Targeted, accurate, concise direct marketing campaigns that deliver outcomes – Bullseye!